Top 6 Vastu Tips for Home to bring in Positivity and Good Luck

Each one of us desires to live in a comfortable home, calming and rejuvenates us. The increased stress and tension have made us feel the importance of spaces that radiate good energy and therefore there is a specific shift in people’s mindset as they often look for homes built as per the Vastu.

 “One’s environment helps in building a foundation for a healthier mind and body and Vastu Shastra offers ways to create a healthier life.”


Vastu refers to a science of keeping all the 5 tatva/elements of nature in their right position and the right proposition. The balance is mandatory as it attracts positive energy which in turn enables prosperity, growth and happiness in one’s life.

The advent of monsoons, according to the ancient science of Vastu, symbolises the cleaning process and with the rains flows the negative energy out from our lives. There is a unique connection between the rains and the Vastu.

We are here to give you some basic Vastu tips that you can practice at your current place of residence and get maximum positive energy flow all year long.

1.  Have an organized and beautiful entrance: The entrance of the house is the first thing anyone notices when they come to visit. A good entrance can play the role of a positive magnet for your home and prosperity. Make sure you keep the path clear and avoid keeping shoes which can block the way. It is believed to attract negative vibes. A neat foyer paves the way for good vibes!

2. Choose plants wisely: Whatever goes into decorating your home should be chosen wisely and as per the Vastu science. Not all plants bring good fortune to people and their homes. Avoid keeping thorny plants like cacti and other shrubs at home, which might attract negative energies. Make sure you aren’t keeping any dead plants in your home. If you have them in or around your house, we advise you to uproot them. 

When you place the plants into your home, avoid keeping them facing the main door as it is called as Dwar Vedh (door obstacle).

3. Have ample light in the house: Proper lighting not only makes your home look bigger and brighter but at the same time, they also attract good energy. So, make sure when you are choosing your home or getting renovation done in your current space, look for doors and windows from where the sunlight can peek into your house and bring in positivity.

Try to avoid any dark spaces and corners. If any space does not have sufficient natural sunlight, ensure it has adequate artificial light. Switching on light at the appropriate time of day, can make the room appear brighter and more positive.

4. Have a dedicated pooja space: Having a space for meditation or prayers is very important in every home. It should not be under the stair case or in your bedroom. The pooja room should be a calming space in your home where you can connect with the creator and detox your mind from negative energy.

5. Placement of Mirrors: Mirrors are an important thing to consider when we talk about Vastu Science. Mirrors often attract peace, money and prosperity but this doesnot mean that you have to fill your homes with mirrors. The right position of the mirror is what works in this case.

One should install a large mirror in the east or north corner of your dining area. This would also provide an adequate pathway for the free flow of optimal positive energy. Having a mirror in your foyer area also welcomes good vibes in your home.

6. Colour of walls: Colour of the home is undoubtedly the last but not the least point to ponder when it comes to Vastu for home. Having dark colours in your home makes it look dim, small and also negative for people.

Always get the walls of your home painted in bright and light colous as they reflect light and also welcomes good energy to your home. Consider painting the walls into beige, pinks, purple, yellow. Avoid darker shades of blue, green and black.

By following these simple tips in your home, you will surely see a major difference in the overall appearance and mood of your home. 

Do not expect instant results because the changes that occur in the home result from redresses take some time to absorb. 

The revival of the place may take some time to recover its capacity to the occupants, and it requires an excellent moment to grant good powers to its occupants. 

Sudden changes would cause a shock, which is contrary to nature. The longer the Vastu effects last, the more serious the effects for the inhabitants. 

If you still face any issue in your residential space, we advise you to consult professionals who have proper knowledge about Vastu and can help you in a longer run.


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