Why Living Among Green and Open Spaces is Beneficial

Surrounded by gardens and natural spaces offers numerous mental, physical and social benefits to humans. This helps in stress reduction, fast healing, and improved air quality. Also, WHO (World Health Organization) is looking to highlight the importance of green spaces and public health.

BBD Green City in Lucknow has a lot to offer to its buyers such as a park, sports field, woods, and gardens for physical activities, relaxation, peace and a much-needed escape from the heat. Most of the buyers looking for 2BHK & 3bHK apartments have made up their minds to shift to such locations as it helps in reducing stress and boosts mental and physical health. 

People are fed up with the increase in pollution in the city, hence they are turning towards green spaces with better air quality, reduced traffic noise, cooler temperatures, and greater diversity. 

A study states that around  3.3%Trusted sources of global deaths are caused due to lack of physical activity, mostly because of poor walkability and limited access to recreational areas. 

Here are must-read benefits: 

We hardly find green spaces in cities nowadays. However, the fact is green spaces are good for the climate resulting in reducing heat and air pollution effects. 

Green spaces are quite beneficial for health. A walk in a park surrounded by trees and bushes promotes good health. Such spaces reduce premature mortality, longer life expectancy, and low mental health issues. 

As per World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, residential proximity to green space is placed under the highly-important category. As per the Lancet Planetary Health report, European cities can avert 43,000 premature deaths if they achieved WHO recommendations regarding green spaces.

The National Building Code of India has kind of made it mandatory to have green belt and landscaping in a residential project. Buyers now want themselves to be equipped with all kinds of amenities such as a jogger’s park, sports facilities, cycling track, and children’s play area.  Therefore, BBD City in Lucknow focuses on providing its buyer with modern houses with greenery all around. 

Breathing clean air matters. Open spaces with trees and plants reduce air and noise pollution and make the air quality better. The open space design is much in demand by people who are looking to stay close to nature. 

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