Top Eco-Friendly Ideas To Save Electricity And For Organic Living

Your little effort can make a big difference in reducing contamination level of air. Modern luxury brings the new dimension of exponential living, but it is affecting the quality of air that causes air, water pollution globally. Your actions can turn into the inspiration for your children’s life. An eco-friendly living will not only benefit worldwide, but it will help to save electricity also. Recent discoveries in technology have brought new advancement on energy saving lightings which can make a huge impact on the environment and lessen electricity bill up to the 50 percent.  Here are few tips and tricks for organic living.

LED bulbs for lighting- replacing conventional bulbs and switching to the LED bulbs cause less heat and reduce 50% of e-bill. It will not impact the visibility of the room despite using few watts.

Heat reflective glasses– To prevent your home from unnecessary heating, install heat reflective glasses to slay poisoned sun rays. The metallic coating restrains the sun ray that causes the un-reactive reaction inside your home.

Solar panel– solar panels are widely used by the remote villagers who don’t have access to the electricity in their area. Panel needed less maintenance and work on sun rays only. Villagers installed the solar panel on the roof of the building and use it lighten their home. How would if you will fix this solar panel to the roof of your home.

Eco-friendly paints – Eco-friendly paints are way better than traditional paints, traditional colors may cause pain in the eyes and dizziness in the thoughts.  Paint manufacturers have started eco-friendly paints to remove adverse effect to health.

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