How To Choose The Right Floor In A High-Rise Building?

High-rise buildings are increasingly common in Indian cities. This extends to smaller towns as well as metro areas. People are considering purchasing property in high-rises for a variety of reasons.

So, here are some crucial aspects you must take into account if you intend to purchase an apartment in a high-rise structure.

Privacy and security issues

Apartments on lower floors are typically regarded as being less secure than those on upper floors. This is likely a result of their accessibility. Examine the security measures in place in the community or housing complex if you are interested in residing on a lower floor.

Lower levels don’t give much solitude, especially if your building is situated close to the main road or in a busy location.

Safety from fire

Fire safety can be a concern if you purchase an apartment on a higher floor. You must understand that an apartment’s suitability for habitation can be determined by whether the local authorities have issued it with an occupancy certificate (OC).

Using an OC, you may verify that a building was built in accordance with approved designs and local legislation. The municipal corporation of the region offers this document to the builder after checking that all requirements have been met.

The stairs and elevators

Each tower should ideally have two or more lifts so that there is always a working lift available in the event that the other breaks down. If you have elderly and young family members, this issue matters.

It’s crucial for you to check the staircases because they should make it simple for you to move around and visit different floors in the event of an emergency when the elevators aren’t functioning.

Discrepancies in flooring

On the top floor of the structure, unlawful modifications to the construction blueprints frequently take place. Verify that there are no deviations that go beyond what is allowed if you are purchasing a top-floor apartment. It is wise to examine the floor and possess a home with all the required clearances.

Point of view

Consider moving up a floor if the view from your apartment is essential to you; upper floors frequently offer the best viewing views. The view is important for flats near the sea or in a beautiful neighbourhood, and higher levels are your best bet.

There is one thing, though, that you must remember. According to Shetty, the cost of buying will increase the higher up in a high-rise property you go. Floor rise costs will be in effect in an apartment that is still being built, making living on upper floors slightly more expensive.

Additionally, you should be aware that builders can charge you more for a flat-cum-floor facing north or east, which is thought to be better than one facing west or south.

Remember these things as well when selecting the floor.

  • Make sure to select a reputable/well-known builder with a good reputation and track record before deciding on the ideal project and the floor to buy a condo on. Checking to see if the developer has registered the project with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority is both your right and duty as a home buyer (RERA).
  • Make sure the project is easy to reach from the city’s main areas and has good access to both public and private transportation. Calculate the distances to the city’s major areas. You can do some local research to see what current public transportation choices are available, such as the metro, buses, taxi availability, etc. Watch out for any future connectivity plans, such as a planned metro line or an expressway around the area.
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