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Vision of Babu Ji

Babu Banarasi Das Ji, a courageous young man from Bulandshahar (U.P) joined hands with Mahatma Gandhi & Jawahar Lal Nehru in the National Movement to liberate India from the clutches of British rule. In his long political career he adorned the offices of the Minister, Speaker and Member of Parliament (both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) and Chief Minister. As Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh he always endeavoured for the upliftment of the society. He attached paramount importance to the dignity of individuals through his selfless services to the mankind. With philanthropic approach, he always enabled people to realize their goals and never believed in surrendering to any force. Even in the face of death, he would not give in, “Man doth not yield himself to angels, not even unto death, utterly, save by the weakness of his feeble will”. People were inspired by the exemplary life of Babuji who has left his legacy for generations to come.

 We are privileged to inherit that legacy and perpetuate his memory. The B.B.D. Group is one of many such efforts to cherish the memory of the great and noble soul that “Babuji” was.