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Corporate Social Responsibility

The real estate sector is a one of india’s biggest employers and thus needs to find a viable solution to a growing number of social, ethical and environment concerns. Since our sector is all about creating wealth, prosperity and prominence for our clients by building ever bigger, ever faster, we often forget or tend to overlook the some of the dark realities plaguing our nation. Yes, we stand at the brink of becoming a world power, yet its fact that several vast swatches of our population remain underprivileged.

However, we at Viraj Constructions Pvt. Ltd. has never lost touch with  this poignant reality of our country and have thus made every possible effort to empower and make a positive difference to the lives of people and society at large by providing free ambulance facility & free education to the weaker  sections of the society.

Besides developing world-class housing complex, VCPL has also been committed towards the welfare of all workers it employs in its building projects. We constantly strive to ensure all their needs and comforts are met during their venture with Viraj Constructions Pvt. Ltd. and we constantly come up with innovative welfare to raise their lot in life.